share localhost across lan
Posted by: giggly (
Date: August 19, 2006 04:04PM

Hi there,

Trying to find out how to share my localhost and aliases (e.g [cvo.x]) that are running under Wamp, across my LAN.

Basically I want to type the same address in my lan Laptop (e.g and have the Wamp pc's appear (so that Wamp's has been shared to become the mobile's

Hope that makes sense - thanks for any help!


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Re: share localhost across lan
Posted by: Andy (
Date: August 23, 2006 05:12AM

Hi Giggly, is known as a loop back address. It's a reserved address that can't be used on other machines. It basically tells your computer's network card to look at itself. So when you type in it will look at the computer you are currently using for the website. (Applies to all IP based stuff, not just WAMP).

If you want to access your WAMP server from another computer, simply open a browser window on your other computer and type in "[<<WAMP] server IP address>>" to access it.

To obtain the IP address of your WAMP server, simply open a DOS box on the WAMP server (START>RUN/CMD) and type in IPCONFIG and it'll tell you the WAMP server's IP address.

N.B If you are using something like a router or are connected to a company LAN, both of which usually use DHCP (ie. you didn't have to setup your IP setting manually) then your IP address of your WAMP server may change from time to time so you'll need to redo the above if your WAMP server stops being contactable.

You'll need to make sure your WAMP server is allowing connections from other PCs. If you've got it locked to LOCALHOST only it won't work.

There are ways around the loopback but I strongly recommend you don't persue these for many reasons. The gets used by more programs than most people think and shouldn't be played around with. Just stick with plain ole IP. Works best. Again, if your WAMP server is on DHCP and its IP address changes you'll need to keep editing this so it's not usually worth the hassle unless you know how to knock your WAMP server off DHCP.

As for the alias, you can edit your hosts file on your laptop to point the "[cvo.x"]; to your WAMP server's IP address but again, unless you have a real reason to do so I'd stick with IP as it's easier. Yet again, this is another one that will require editing every time your WAMP server changes IP address if it's on DHCP lol.

SUMMARY: Ensure your WAMP server is NOT locked to LOCALHOST and then use its IP address on your laptop. Think that's the easiest way.

If ya need to know more about the bits I've mentioned I'll happily answer so just post ya question.
Anyway, I hope it's of some help.


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Re: share localhost across lan
Posted by: animja (
Date: February 02, 2013 01:37PM

i use above process but this results shown
You don't have permission to access / on this server.

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Re: share localhost across lan
Posted by: RiggsFolly (
Date: February 04, 2013 12:44PM

Put your wampserver online

wampmanage -> Put Online

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