How to Upgrade phpMyAdmin? Where do you keep the detailed instruction?
Posted by: jtpsmooth (
Date: January 25, 2010 04:57PM

Good Morning. I cannot seem to find any instructions on how to upgrade the WAMP components as new versions come available.

I would have thought is would be a perfect FAQ, but I guess not.

Here I am specifically asking about phpMyAdmin.

I currently have version, and now there are two new ones 325 and a beta 3.3.0.

I have downloaded both from []

Please point me to any failsafe instructions for upgrading, or if they do not exist, please would someone write some up. I bet it would have good use in FAQ.


I don't mean to be critical, and I do very much appreciate everyones contributions to this WAMP project; however, I need to let you know that the current FAQs are so extraordinarily general and sparse of any logical flow of "instruction steps" I am afraid to use the answers set forth in the FAQ. These may be sufficient for professional high-level programmers, but for those of us just getting started, they are of little use. I am presuming that you developed the WAMP Project to help less experienced people since it is nothing for an experienced pro to download the components separately and just set them up. So, if someone can expand the explanations so that all the material facts have a prima facie meaning. This is an example of how many people will not clearly, or confidently, know what the previous sentence means unless you went to law school. What it means is that on the face of the writing you can understand the significance of a term-of-art which is essential to making use of an instruction. Please understand that someone with an AS or BS in computer science would never need to come to this Forum, so please don't write for them, please right for us.

Thank you, Jayson

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Re: How to Upgrade phpMyAdmin? Where do you keep the detailed instruction?
Posted by: c2dan (
Date: January 25, 2010 07:42PM

phpMyAdmin is stored in C:\wamp\apps

Download the latest version of phpMyAdmin from [] and extract contents of the archive to C:\wamp\apps

Now go to C:\wamp\alias. Open phpmyadmin.conf and find the following lines that look like this
Alias /phpmyadmin "c:/wamp/apps/phpMyAdmin-"

<Directory "c:/wamp/apps/phpMyAdmin-">

Change where it says phpMyAdmin- to the name of the new folder extracted from the archive, eg phpMyAdmin-3.5.2. Now copy the file from your previous version of phpMyAdmin to your new version.

Left click wamp and seletect restart All services. Now right click wamp and choose Refresh. Left click wamp tray icon again and choose phpMyAdmin. WAMP will now use the new version of phpMyadmin.

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Re: How to Upgrade phpMyAdmin? Where do you keep the detailed instruction?
Posted by: stevenmartin99 (
Date: January 25, 2010 07:45PM

Hi Jayson i agree the FAQ is poor but the forum is excellent.. Its hard to have an FAQ - peoples problems are always slightly different..

As for phpmyadmin.. its not designed as upgradable in Wamp.. If there is a new versoin at the time of compiling - it is added..

Adding php , apache and mysql is what wamp is all about and its very simple to do so..

However so is phpmyadmin - it is just no one usually had the need to do so..

PRE : - KEEP A COPY OF in c:/wamp/apps/phpmyadminX.X.X

1. Delete all of the files out of c:/wamp/apps/phpmyadminX.X.X

2. Download phpmyadminY.Y.Y...

3. Extract the folder and place all of the files into c:/wamp/apps/phpmyadminX.X.X

4. Usually phpmyadmin downloaded from their site doesn't contain a file so you must copy the and make one for your self.. Add any changes that you made to your old config file such as PASSWORD and USERNAME and AUTH_TYPE , BLOWFISH etc

phpmyadmin has a setup section to also look after all of this which i can explain more if needed.

NOTE:- If you want to rename the phpmyadminX.X.X folder or keep the original phpmyadmin and have two versions then you will need to for example add the

phpmyadminY.Y.Y folder into c:/wamp/apps/ folder

and then open c:/wamp/alias/phpmyadmin.conf

and replace X.X.X with Y.Y.Y

You may also need to clear the history of browser when installing new version.

X.X.X and Y.Y.Y are the old and new version numbers of phpmyadmin.

Hope this helps


Steven Martin - []

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