How Virtual Host work
Posted by: yfastud (Moderator)
Date: February 13, 2009 04:58AM


one thing the i kinda confused about in you tutorial is that when you give a server name to a domain on the same port as the rest of the other domains if when some one try to access a particular domain if they would be directed to that domain
showstopper pm me this question and since it relates to wamp, so I post the answer here in case any one else wonder the same thing
I won't go into detail or definition since you can find it on Apache website but give a simple example so you guys can picture it
Just think of the port as the main door of your house and each bed room is a directory that setup in each virtual host, so all family members have to go through the main door, but different family member will go to his/her bedroom; similarly, all transactions will go through main port, then different request will go to different folder based on virtual host settings for particular domain or sub-domain that the visitor send the request to


i wanted to ask you if you use wamp to host your website
and if not why?
yep, we do use wamp for 1 of our domains, and it's not only 1 computer, but 3 computers setup as redundant servers, in which pc 1 die/crash, the second immediately kick in; then, if second die, first kick back in; in case both first and second crash, then third will kick in; all 3 only has software since all websites and data stored on 2 portable network hard disks. They're just like real live host which always provide constant transaction; the different is live host might have multiple of 3 so they can combine redundant, mirror and balance ;-)

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Re: How Virtual Host work
Posted by: showstopper (
Date: February 13, 2009 12:49PM

i asked you that cause while i browse through other forums and blogs and websites i see people saying that you should use wamp and xampp cause when the ended up gettinig problems and it was to much to fix and the couldn,t fix it so they insatlled all the programs one by one

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