OSCommerse and WAMP server
Posted by: rajug (---.wlink.com.np)
Date: January 02, 2007 10:02AM

I was unable to run oscommerce project in wampserver. Has this problem been solved in this new wamp server 1.6.6?


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Re: OSCommerse and WAMP server
Posted by: yfastud (72.236.169.---)
Date: January 02, 2007 02:47PM

This is off topic, but just curious how did you run it and what wrong?

Have fun

[www.jlbn.com] (testing web server)
[test.jlbn.com] (testing codes)
[forum.jlbn.com] (testing phpBB2)
[forums.jlbn.com] (testing phpBB3)
[mail.jlbn.com] (testing mailserver)
[ftp.jlbn.com] (testing ftp server)
[www.jlbn.com] (testing flashes)
[www.jlbn.com] (testing images)
[joomla.jlbn.com] (testing Joomla 1.0.10)
[fusion.jlbn.com] (testing phpFusion 6.01.6)
[nuke.jlbn.com] (testing phpNuke 7.9)
[nukep.jlbn.com] (testing phpNuke Platinum 7.6.b.4v2)
[pnuke.jlbn.com] (testing PostNuke 0.800-MS2)
[nukevo.jlbn.com] (testing phpNuke Evolution 2.0.1)

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Have fun,

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