WAMP5, phpEclipse and Debugger
Posted by: fugazer (---.home.cgocable.net)
Date: December 11, 2006 02:43AM

Well i've been reading, testing, and trying to sort out a vast number of configurations to properly develop and debug my working projects..

This has turned out to be quite a difficult task which i cant find a good solutions for..

First of all, i have concluded that i would like the following set of tools to work with: WAMP5 and phpEclipse with a working PHP Debugger.

But what is most frustrating to me is cannot get the php debugger to work properly. Here is my setup:

-WAMP 1.6.5 (which is running Php v5.1.6, Apache/2.0.59, 5.0.24a-community-nt)
-Eclipse version v3.1.2 w/ phpEclipse v1.1.8 installed
-installed php_dbg.dll
-- found at -> [www.phpeclipse.de]
-- installation procedures --> [dd.cron.ru]
-- phpEclipse Debug setup -> [www.plog4u.org]

I would really like this configuration to work, but i just cannot get the php debugger to work properly.. Upon following the instructions I'm sure I have installed the debug extension properly and phpEclipse is setup to detect the debug session correctly... when i trigger the debug session via firefox i.e. (http://localhost//Test/testdebug.php?DBGSESSID=1@localhost:10001) nothing happens.. I can see that firefox has created a cookie for the debug session, but the phpEclipse Debug Listener just sits there... nothing happens... its like its waiting for input.

I find after about an hour, if i try the debug session again it works.. then if i try again after that, it just hangs again... very frustrating.. It only works every once in a while..

Have you experienced similar problems while trying to debug with WAMP5 and phpEclipse??

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Re: WAMP5, phpEclipse and Debugger
Posted by: fugazer (---.home.cgocable.net)
Date: December 14, 2006 06:51PM

well i seem to be slowly diagnosing my own problems..

The problem lies within the default settings for WAMP5 in the pnp.ini or httpd.conf files.. So i have to pick apart these files to find which setting is causing the debugger not to work.. be back soon!! (this has been a 4 day problem so far)

btw.. i figured this out by installing xampp

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