Installing Joomla on WampServer
Posted by: OrlandoS (
Date: October 25, 2023 04:42PM


I am a complete newby to Wampserver and Joomla. Not sure if my question belongs here or in a Joomla forum. But there seems to be some overlap … If you can help anyway, I shall appreciate that!

I successfully installed WampServer on Windows 10. The icon runs very green.

I understand that for building a new website, and installing a CMS (Joomla in my case), I need to install a Virtual Host for the new site.

Please do not be surprised if the WampServer documentation is not entirely understood. I shall indicate an ambiguity here: Documentation says "Need of Virtual Host" but there IS a Virtual Host already, as Localhost IS a Virtual Host. This is evident from the list under 'Your Virtual Hosts' at the homepage of Localhost. So, if the documentation intends to urge for the creation of a new Virtual Host for each individual project, that could have been explained more clearly. If something else was intended, than I remain utterly confused at this point. Sorry!

I made a new Virtual Host for my project. I placed all Joomla (5.0.0) files inside its folder, and in the browser it shows the Joomla Installer.

* Did I understand correctly that every project requires all the Joomla files in place inside that project's folder?

Now installing Joomla on that Virtual Host: A first input requested is "Setup Site Name - Enter the name of your Joomla site."

* Is it allowed or even required to use the same name as the name of the Virtual Host of that same project? Or is any other name acceptable in this Joomla environment?

Next, Joomla asks: Login Data
Enter the real name of your Super User.
Set the username for your Super User account.
Set the password for your Super User account.
Enter the email address of the website Super User.

* Are these inputs related to the settings (names, usernames, passwords) of WampServer of the computer on which WampServer is running? Or can anything new be created here?

Next, Joomla asks: Database Configuration
* For Select the database type, I gave MySQLi. Under Wamp, could this have been another type?
* For the host name I gave the name of the Virtual Host created for this project. Is this necessary?
* For username I gave: root. Could this be anything else?
Either a password you created or a password provided by your host.
* I left it open. i.e. no password. As it all happens on my personal (private) computer, I suppose that this is sufficient protection.

Actually, it worked, but please do give me your comments for my better understanding of the process.


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Re: Installing Joomla on WampServer
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: October 26, 2023 08:55AM


Yes, every new project needs a VirtualHost, and this must be created before installing a CMS or web application.

> A first input requested is "Setup Site Name - Enter the name of your Joomla site."
The name you've entered for the VirtualHost is its ServerName, i.e. the name that will be used in the request to connect to the site, e.g. 'http://ServerName/'.
The name of your Joomla site, i.e. what will appear as the page title, for example "My own Joomla site".

> * Are these inputs related to the settings (names, usernames, passwords) of WampServer
No, these parameters are specific to Joomla.

There are database types other than MySQLi, but they require specific drivers to be installed.

You've done very well.

The only possible problem is that there is no password associated with root for connecting to the database.

You can add one via PhpMyAdmin and the User tab.
You can also add a new user with a different password.
But don't forget to include this new user and password in your Joomla configuration file.

Documentation Apache - Documentation PHP - Documentation MySQL - Wampserver install files & addons

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