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Posted by: Euler13 (
Date: June 17, 2023 04:13PM

I've been using Wampserver for years now and I am so grateful for all the work the team does to keep it running, especially with how easy it has now become to update addons.

Quick question. The website [] has been an invaluable way to keep track of the addons. I know it can be found by right clicking the Wampserver icon and going to help, but it doesn't seem to appear anywhere on the "official" Wampserver page ( I'd been using Wampserver for quite some time before I'd realised the beautifully organised addons page even existed. Is it intentionally missing from the main site or is it because it is a private project, which, I'm guessing Otomatic is responsible for keeping it up-to-date?

I'd like to make a donation as a thank you for the hard work and I've noticed that there is a donate option on the addons page (, but there is no donation option on the main Wampserver website.

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Re: Addons Website
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: June 17, 2023 04:59PM


> the "official" Wampserver page (

For a long time, this has been the "official" Wampserver site, but the releases of Wampserver 2.4 (June 2013) and Wampserver 2.5 (May 2014) were made "painfully" and because I had, at the time, insisted a lot that Anaska then Alter Way (owner of the site) make Wampserver evolve.

I had nothing to do with Wampserver, apart from being a user and answering questions on the forums and then upgrading Wampserver from 2.4.0 to 2.4.18 by explaining how to do it right here, but it was nothing official.
See "MY" WampServer modifications from 2.5 to 2.5.18
Seeing nothing evolve officially, in 2015 I proposed my Wampserver 3.0.0 version to Alterway, followed by PHP, Apache and MySQL addons, with the onus on them to put the binaries at Sourceforge.
After a "while" I got the access keys to Sourceforge and was appointed moderator of the forums (along with RiggsFolly at my request).

Seeing the difficulties and delays of modification requests to the official site (For example, if the links on Wampserver are good, it's always 3.2.6 that's indicated), I created my own page and I host it as a sub-domain of my site

The "official" site currently only serves as a support for the forums.

Maximus23, who took over development of the Asestan Tray Menu and without whom Wampserver would not be what it is today, must not be forgotten in this history.
See Wampserver 3.2.0 and Aestan Tray Menu

Here you are

Documentation Apache - Documentation PHP - Documentation MySQL - Wampserver install files & addons

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Re: Addons Website
Posted by: Euler13 (
Date: June 17, 2023 05:50PM

Wow! Thank you very much for the background and history. As "end users" we often fail to appreciate how much work goes into getting a product to where it is today. Especially people like you who have been a constant in the long journey. I'd like to offer my thanks and appreciation to you and those others who have worked hard to help it evolve to what it is today and continue to support it.

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