Missing UTF8 Support in Latest WampServer Versions: Request for Reintroduction and Compatibility with Existing Databases
Posted by: DuruGrfx (---.213.182.75.dynamic.ttnet.com.tr)
Date: June 15, 2023 04:36PM

Dear WampServer Forum Administrators,

I would like to bring to your attention an issue regarding the absence of UTF8 character set in the latest versions of WampServer. Specifically, the lack of UTF8 support has caused problems when working with previously encoded databases using utf8_turkish_ci collation. The mandatory use of the UTF8MB4 character set in the newer versions of MySQL has created compatibility issues with our existing databases.

We have encountered difficulties while trying to import databases that were originally created with the UTF8 character set, as the option for selecting UTF8 is no longer available. This has led to errors and inconsistencies when working with our applications and scripts.

UTF8 has been widely used and supported in many applications and systems, and its absence in the latest WampServer versions has caused inconvenience for developers who rely on this character set.

We kindly request that you address this issue and consider reintroducing the UTF8 character set in future versions of WampServer. This would greatly facilitate the migration of existing databases and ensure compatibility with applications that depend on the UTF8 encoding.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We appreciate your efforts in providing a reliable development environment.

Yılmaz DURU

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Re: Missing UTF8 Support in Latest WampServer Versions: Request for Reintroduction and Compatibility with Existing Databases
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: June 15, 2023 05:36PM


I assume you are talking about MySQL, you dont make it completely clear. However, it is clear that you do not understand what WAMPServer is!

To all intents and purpose it is a mashup of various technologies, Apache, MySQL, mariaDB, PHP, phpMyAdmin etc etc etc.

None of these technologies is controled by the WAMPServer team (thats OTO).

Further, WAMPServer makes no pronmise to do any of the checking YOU YOURSELF ought to do before upgrading ANY of these technologies. They also DO NOT Recommend that WAMPServer be used in a live environment, unless you really know what you are doing with all these technologies, as it is not configured to be case hardened against attack.

Before doing any upgrading, there are change/upgrade notes provided by, for example MySQL WHICH YOU SHOULD READ AND INWARDLY DIGEST before changing ANY LIVE ENVIRONMENT.

So in short, WAMPServer is not in control of what MySQL do to improve there UTF offering

Some Light Reading:

10.9.2 The utf8mb3 Character Set (3-Byte UTF-8 Unicode Encoding)

10.9.3 The utf8 Character Set (Alias for utf8mb3)

(Windows 10 Pro 64bit) (Wampserver 3.3.4 64bit) Aestan Tray Menu
<Apache versions MULTIPE> <PHP versions MULTIPLE> <MySQL Versions MULTIPLE>
<MariaDB versions MULTIPLE> <phpMyAdmin versions MULTIPLE> <MySQL Workbench 8.0.23>

Read The Manuals Apache -- MySQL -- PHP -- phpMyAdmin
Get your Apache/MySQL/mariaDB/PHP ADDONs here from the WAMPServer alternate Repo
-X-X-X- Backup your databases regularly Here is How dont regret it later! Yes even when developing -X-X-X-

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Re: Missing UTF8 Support in Latest WampServer Versions: Request for Reintroduction and Compatibility with Existing Databases
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: June 16, 2023 10:01AM


PHP 5.6.0 was released on August 28, 2014 and since that date, therefore since the release of Wampserver 3.0.0 in 2015, for all PHP versions of Wampserver the default character set for PHP is utf-8 :
; PHP's default character set is set to UTF-8.
; [php.net]
default_charset = "UTF-8"
and there's no definition of character sets for the mysqli extension in php.ini.

For MySQL, there is also no definition of the character sets to be used in the my.ini file, whatever the MySQL version used.

It's up to the user, i.e. yourself, to check when you change MySQL version that the default character sets used by the new version are the same or compatible with those of the old version.

In the same way, when exporting a database, it's up to you to define in the SQL export file the character set(s) used by the database itself, the tables and the various fields.

If you want to correctly import a database that uses the utf8_turkish_ci character set and collation, it is imperative that this is mentioned in the export file, not only for the database but also for each table. This is managed by the export parameters.

Documentation Apache - Documentation PHP - Documentation MySQL - Wampserver install files & addons

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