WAMP & Google Drive
Posted by: grimsorbet (---.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)
Date: November 18, 2021 02:11AM

For years, I've used sync services like Dropbox and Google Drive to sync website source files across multiple computers, so that I can edit from anywhere while also backing up my files.

The latest version of Google Drive for Windows (which came out about a month ago) is making this challenging, however, because it's now only accessible by drive letter (generally G, for Google) or by GUID. Before this version, Google Drive was simply a path on the C drive.

WAMP doesn't seem to allow a volume switch or a GUID path when setting the DocumentRoot or Directory in httpd.conf. In other words, this is invalid:

DocumentRoot "G:\file_path"

And so is this:

DocumentRoot "\\?\Volume{bc967431-454c2-1hd7-dhs7-hd8df7hfdfh}\file_path" (I'm redacting the ID for security)

And so is this:

DocumentRoot "/d G:\file_path" (my attempt to switch volumes before accessing the directory)

Any suggestions on how I can properly point WAMP at a file path on a different logical volume (my "G" drive), considering it's no longer simply an alias to a path on the C drive?


1 - Windows 11 64 bit
2 - WampServer 64 bit
3 - Apache 2.4.46
4 - PHP 7.4.9
5 - MySQL 5.7.31
5a - MariaDB not applicable
6 - WAMP icon is orange

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