Migrate MySQL Version to a new PC
Posted by: Chris98 (---.skybroadband.com)
Date: June 07, 2020 03:30PM

I've recently changed my PC and I've installed the latest version of WampServer on my new PC. I'd like to keep the Wamp projects from my old PC, so I've copied them all into the WWW folder, but obviously that doesn't help with the databases.

On the new version of WampServer it uses MySQL 8 but my previous version used MySQL 5.7.14, so I copied this entire folder across to my new MySQL bin folder, and tried to change the version in WampServer from 8 to 5.7.14..... this worked fine and the version changed, but the projects can no longer read the databases and it's acting as if they don't exist. Similarly, I can't find them in phpmyadmin either.

I realise that the databases are stored in the sub folder "data" from the MySQL version folder, but this folder along with all files in that folder have already been copied across when I copied the full MySQL 5.7.14 folder. Is there some kind of cache or something that needs updating, or is this normal when you change your MySQL version? How can I get access to my databases again?


** Edit **

Looking further into this it looks like it's loading Maria DB despite having two versions of MySQL. How do I change it to use MySQL instead?

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Re: Migrate MySQL Version to a new PC
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: June 07, 2020 04:38PM


Decidedly NO ONE reads the warning displayed at the end of the installation.
The answer to your question is there, albeit indirectly.

And since no one reads, everyone comes to complain that it doesn't work, it's disgusting for you to spend time writing explanations and especially translating them into a language that isn't yours.

Right-Click -> Help -> MySQL - MariaDB

Moreover, this option for help should have been found by anyone with any curiosity at all. RTFM

Moreover, the only sustainable way to transfer databases is to perform exports/imports as SQL files. Copying data folders exposes you, sooner or later, to incomprehensible problems.

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Re: Migrate MySQL Version to a new PC
Posted by: WarriorGov9791 (---.hawaii.res.rr.com)
Date: June 14, 2020 05:13AM

Hello Chris,

As Otomatic has said:
“the only sustainable way to transfer databases is to perform exports/imports as SQL files”

To migrate MySQL databases to a new computer:
1. Go into your old PC and open phpMyAdmin.
2. Export all of the databases you want to migrate as sql files, save them to usb drive.
3. Go to your new PC and open phpMyAdmin.
4. Create new databases with the same names of the databases you exported on your old PC.
5. Make sure you create the same usename and password for each database as your old PC.
6. Insert the usb drive with your saved databases into your new PC.
7. For each database, select Import in phpMyAdmin and follow the prompts.

This is pretty much the procedure I go through when upgrading MariaDB or MySQL to a new version with the exception of saving databases to a usb drive. I usually save the files to my desktop. When I'm done importing, I move the files to an external drive for backup.

How do I change it to use MySQL instead?

Right-click the WampServer tray icon >> Tools >> Invert Default DBMS MariaDB <-> MySQL

Hope this helps. Aloha...

P.S. The manual is your friend.

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