Comment on support quality for the following discussion
Posted by: khofong3 (
Date: May 08, 2020 12:00PM

Dear all,

Comment on support quality for the following discussion -

Originally asked for help on the above discussion and raised the following two problems -

Mentioned in "Date: February 11, 2020 03:29AM" of the above discussion -

Problem (1) -
As you (Support Staff) replied on 06 Feb, "That sounds like a website issue........". Could you advise whether the problem should be due to missing the sub-folder - "/en/" with files under the Root Directory, e.g. "jhmjkb", or else ?

Problem (2) -
Another problem is that the following newly created Virtual Host with Server can only be connected by my PC but CANNOT be connected by another PC / Device -

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName jhmjkb
DocumentRoot "c:/wampHosts/jhmjkb"
<Directory "c:/wampHosts/jhmjkb/">
Options +Indexes +Includes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews
AllowOverride None
#Require local
Require all granted

Link -

In my PC, found the following error which should still be connected -
Not Found
The requested URL /en/ was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.39 (Win64) PHP/7.2.18 Server at jhmjkb Port 80

In another PC / Device, found the following error which is in traditional Chinese, like below -
Cannot connect the website
Cannot find jhmjkb 's server IP address

Could you also advise how to solve the above Problem (2) ?

From their responses in the above discussion, I think they were not able to solve the above problem (1). Nevertheless, I just wanted them to help advise for the above problem (2). If this problem also could not be solved, just wanted them to advise whether the above created server with link "[jhmjkb]; can only be accessed in the own PC but cannot be accessed in another PC / Devices ?

In the above discussion, I had already followed their instructions to setup as above but still didn't work, may refer the post on "Date: February 17, 2020 07:04AM" of the above discussion for details.

I suspected that the newly created server as above with link as "[servername]; can really be accessed by another PC / Device without required to previously register the domain name from the registrar ?

For the above questions regarding the problem (2), the support staffs should be able to answer but they didn't answer !

There were two support staffs in the above discussion, Otomatic & RiggsFolly. RiffsFolly is comparatively better who had advised instructions in more detail and more reasonable (though it was still not worked finally). For Otomatic, this staff could not answer to the questions, but always blamed that the problem was from other people, e.g. from the staff's last answer on "Date: February 17, 2020 09:16AM" -

"This is only your problem and in no way a Wampserver problem.
Discussion closed."

These answers were very irresponsible. Also, the staff dare not let other people continue to post other responses and closed the discussion.

I feel dissatisfied & disappointed from the above supports !


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Re: Comment on support quality for the following discussion
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: May 08, 2020 05:05PM


Ce forum n'est pas un forum de support. Le paquetage Wampserver ne comprend pas de support, quel qu'il soit.

Il n'y a ni président ni personnel de support.

This forum is not a support forum. The Wampserver package does not include any support whatsoever.

There is no chairperson or support staff.

Wampserver 3.2.2 32 bit - Apache 2.4.43 - PHP 7.4.6/7.3.18/..../5.6.40 - MySQL 5.7.30 - MariaDB 10.4.12
Wampserver 3.2.2 64 bit - Apache 2.4.43 - PHP 7.4.6/7.3.18/..../5.6.40 - MySQL 5.7.30/8.0.20 - MariaDB 10.4.12
PhPMyadmin 5.0.2 - MysqlDumper 1.24.5
on W10 and W7 Pro 64 bit
Documentation Apache - Documentation PHP - Documentation MySQL - Wampserver install files & addons
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Re: Comment on support quality for the following discussion
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: May 08, 2020 05:14PM


May I remind you what WAMPServer is designed for: It is a learning tool, it installs Apache/MySQL/mariaDB/PHP/phpMyAdmin/etc quickly and easily and in 99.99999999% of cases without any problems.
It is ment to allow us/you/all of us to learn how to use all these servers and tools.

Knowledge and Ability of any of these does not come OUT OF THE BOX with the install

If you want to learn how to use it properly Apache provides their own Documentation, MySQL provides their own Documentation, mariaDB provide their own documentation etc etc

While we are very willing to help with issues that sometimes occur. We are not here to help you with Problem 1: which is obviously more to do with the website you have got from somewhere else. As you didn't write it, I understand that you hope you can get assistance from somewhere else, BUT remember we didnt pick it, we didnt install it, we know nothing about it, AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO WASTE OUR TIME AND YOURS MAKING GUESSES.

Those problems that do happen are in 99.9999999% of case because people do not follow the instruction on the first screen of the install process.

Support for WAMPServer is performed by a very few people. NON OF THEM ARE PAID

They are not paid because you PAID NOTHING for WAMPServer and its creation/maintenance/regular updates !!!!!

Your Problem 2:

When you create a Virtual Hosted Domain within Apache, you are creating a domain name (not dissimiliar to ``) as I hope you know a domain name is just an easy to remember name for an IP Address. Access to websites is really done by IP Address. Your browser finds the IP Address by searching a DNS Server for the domain name and gets back an IPAddress, then it can access the web site.

Now when you create a new domain, DNS Servers HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT IT. That is why you seed the windows DNS Cache with this information. That is what you are doing when you put this new domain into your local HOSTS file. But that information is available ONLY to the ONE PC you make that change to, not the whole universe.

So if you want to access your Virtual Hosted Domain from another PC you have to inform it how to get there from the domain name. You can do that in a few ways.

1. If you have the skills (not an easy process) you can create your own local DNS Server and make sure all your devices use that DNS Server.

2. If you company has its own DNS Server, you can get the people that administer it to add your domain to it and point to the IP Address of your PC running WAMPSevrers Apache.

3. You can edit the HOSTS file on each PC that you want to access the site like  jhmjkb
Assuming that `` is the IP of the PC running WAMPServers Apache.

4. For devices you cannot fiddle with, like phones and tablets etc. Create another Virtual Host that uses the IP Address and a different port number. I wrote that process up on StackOverflow, so I wont repeat myself here

(Windows 10 Pro 64bit) (Wampserver 3.2.0 32bit & 64bit)
<Apache versions MULTIPE> <PHP versions MULTIPLE> <MySQL Versions MULTIPLE>
<MariaDB versions MULTIPLE> <phpMyAdmin versions MULTIPLE> <MySQL Workbench 8.0.19>

Read The Manuals Apache -- MySQL -- PHP -- phpMyAdmin
Get your Apache/MySQL/mariaDB/PHP ADDONs here from the WAMPServer alternate Repo
-X-X-X- Backup your MySQL databases regularly Here is How dont regret it later! Yes even when developing -X-X-X-

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Re: Comment on support quality for the following discussion
Posted by: khofong3 (
Date: May 17, 2020 11:39AM

Dear RiggsFolly,

Thanks for your above advice which should be more informative.


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