Restore WP sites after HD replacement - no DB backup except via system backup
Posted by: DJMarvin54 (
Date: March 21, 2019 03:38PM

I recently swapped out the hard drive on my PC and before I did, I ran a complete system back up. I did not think to do a specific database backup for my WordPress sites from within PHPMyAdmin.
If this topic has already been covered, please point me to the information. I haven't been able to find it.
Can I still restore my websites? If so, how? I haven't been able to find any information or instructions that apply to my situation. My search efforts only produce results that relate to a restore from a database backup. I am probably not wording my search query correctly but I have been manually searching through all the topics and so far haven't found an answer.
I haven't tried to recreate the virtual hosts and then copy over my backed up files as I am concerned that doing so will cause more trouble rather than solve the issue.
The versions of Windows, etc., I am running are:
1. Windows version used Windows 10 Pro, Version 1809 64-bit
2. Version WampServer 3.1.7 64-bit
3. Apache Version 2.4.37
4. PHP Version 7.2.1 4
5. MySQL Version 5.7.24
a. MariaDB version if applicable N/A
6. What color is the WampServer icon (in the notification area of the taskbar) Green

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