Uninstalling WAMP deleted files it shouldn't have
Posted by: evilc (---.hi-velocity.net)
Date: March 30, 2006 07:23PM

OK, so I was trying to update to the latest version of WAMP. On this page, it said to make a backup of my doc root dir and my databases.

I zipped the doc root dir to www.zip in C:\wamp.
I then moved it outside the wamp dir to C:\ when I uninstalled just to be safe.

I uninstalled old version, reinstalled new version and moved the www.zip back into C:\WAMP.

I noticed that the www dir hadn't actually been deleted.
The new version wouldn't work (apache wouldn't run) so I thought I would uninstall and reinstall. I decided to leave www.zip in C:\WAMP as it had not been touched before, but guess what...

This time it deleted it.
thanks a bunch - surely an uninstalled program should NOT remove any files it didn't install. There were a load of other files left in the C:\WAMP dir, it just decided to delete my all-important ZIP but leave other unimportant files that *IT CREATED*. Why would it do that ??

I am *very* angry now. Yes, I can rebuild the data but it is going to take HOURS of reconstruction.

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