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Posted by: Blob (
Date: January 08, 2006 04:44PM

I bought a copy of PHP Starter Kit
The installation file for version wamp5_1.4.4
i.e. : wamp5_1.4.4.exe ...does not lead to possibility to switch to php4 parser.
To have such a facility do I have to download and install WINAMP5 1.4.3 ???

Is anyone aware of if any 3 in 1 Application do give the possibility to use on windows xp a localhost that reacts to ftp-php code locally in order to test php chmod-dynamic settings creating files etc, as it does on a real ftp server a code like the following
function FtpMkdir($path, $newDir){//create directory through FTP connection
$server=''; // ftp server
$connection = ftp_connect($server); // connection
$user = "My-User_Name";// login to ftp server
$pass = "My-Password";
$result = ftp_login($connection, $user, $pass);
if ((!$connection) || (!$result)) {/*check if connection was made*/
return false;exit();
ftp_chdir($connection, $path); // go to destination dir
if(@ftp_mkdir($connection, $newDir)) { // create directory
ftp_site($connection, "CHMOD 777 $newDir"winking smiley or die("FTP SITE CMD failed."winking smiley;
return $newDir;}else{return false;}
ftp_close($connection); /* close connection */}}
FtpMkdir("/","ftp_D"winking smiley;
...if so what are the settings to do in windows xp ???

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