Problem with Zend Server 5.1 and WAMP
Posted by: Kike (
Date: January 06, 2006 09:48PM

I'm trying to install Zend Studio Server, I try to use the existing installation of php and apache2 that comes with WAMP, but the installation GUI freezes after it tells you it will stop apache and restart it... when you try to click the install button it won't let only hear exclamation sounds as if a modal window was activated and you were trying to highlight another one in the background....

What can I do?

Thank you

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Re: Problem with Zend Server 5.1 and WAMP
Posted by: Andrew Revak (
Date: January 11, 2006 11:55PM

The procedure I went through to get Zend studio server runnig is i installed the wamp add-on for zend optimizer because the server requires that, then i installed the zend studio server with PHP5 and the december release of Wamp. I also specified that the webserver was apache 2.0 i directed the install to the php.ini in wamp/apache2/bin using wamp/apache2 as the web server root and my existing document root folder as well. everything seems to work fine.

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