Wamp / Windows 8 / Icon Turns Green
Posted by: usascottwright1 (---.se.biz.rr.com)
Date: April 07, 2013 12:30AM

I have installed it three times now. It was working up until February nothing has changed except I am using Brighthouse business vs brighthouse residential service.

1. Download Wamp
2. cmyip.com
3. log into dyndns.com
4. cmd
5. ipconfig/all Get the ipV4 address (prefered)
6. Log into my router 192.xxxxx
7. Port forwarding tab
8. Name: Wamp Server / Port 80 to 80 / Protocol Both / [x] Enabled
9. Save
10. Launch wamp / Put on Line / Start all services

Now when I try to access one of the pages says cannot connect. The icon turns green indicating it is connected but I am not able to connect from the outside.

I have been using this wamp service for about 3-4 years and was able to figure out what went wrong but now that I am using windows 8, don't have a clue what is wrong and why it is not working.

If someone has some time to call me 2132835229 or email me at WrightEnterprises at hotmail or use teamviewer I would greatly appreciate it.

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