accessing wamp server from vmware player NAT machine from host
Posted by: daza166 (
Date: February 28, 2012 06:41PM

I have installed VMware player 4.0.2 on my host pc (Win 7). I have created a NAT network on VMnet8 adapter using Virtual Network Editor:

Subnet Add -
Subnet Mask -
Gateway -
My VMware machine (Win XP with WAMP server) IP add -
Port Forwarding -

Using those NAT settings I run a Virtual machine being Win XP (with a Wamp server). This XP VM machine runs fine can access the Internet through the subnet. However, how do I access that WAMP server from my host pc (

I tried putting the URL of the VM machine in browser ( as I thought port forwarding will let me view the WAMP server running in the Virtual machine from my host pc (

What I am trying to do is create two different networks or trick the browser into assuming that i.e. my host pc on ( and the VMware player XP machine with WAMP server ( network. I am trying to demonstrate the SOP policy as I have a WAMP server also on my host pc ( which will try to run a (script src='') from the VMware machines WAMP (

Any ideas how this is achieved? Thanks

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