wamp in linux
Posted by: muhammedbasilsk (49.137.226.---)
Date: June 15, 2011 02:47PM

how do install wamp in linux(ubuntu)????

Re: wamp in linux
Posted by: yfastud (Moderator)
Date: June 15, 2011 08:32PM

Download and install Ubuntu server version which already have LAMP winking smiley

Have fun,

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Re: wamp in linux
Posted by: sasa (210.212.249.---)
Date: June 16, 2011 12:18PM

Install Apache
To start off we will install Apache.

1. Open up the Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal).

2. Copy/Paste the following line of code into Terminal and then press enter:

sudo apt-get install apache2

3. The Terminal will then ask you for you're password, type it and then press enter.

Testing Apache

To make sure everything installed correctly we will now test Apache to ensure it is working properly.

1. Open up any web browser and then enter the following into the web address:


You should see a folder entitled apache2-default/. Open it and you will see a message saying "It works!" , congrats to you!
Install PHP
In this part we will install PHP 5.

Step 1. Again open up the Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal).

Step 2. Copy/Paste the following line into Terminal and press enter:

sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5

Step 3. In order for PHP to work and be compatible with Apache we must restart it. Type the following code in Terminal to do this:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Test PHP
To ensure there are no issues with PHP let's give it a quick test run.

Step 1. In the terminal copy/paste the following line:

sudo gedit /var/www/testphp.php

This will open up a file called phptest.php.

Step 2. Copy/Paste this line into the phptest file:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Step 3. Save and close the file.

Step 4. Now open you're web browser and type the following into the web address:


Congrats you have now installed both Apache and PHP!

Install MySQL
To finish this guide up we will install MySQL. (Note - Out of Apache and PHP, MySQL is the most difficult to set up. I will provide some great resources for anyone having trouble at the end of this guide.)

Step 1. Once again open up the amazing Terminal and then copy/paste this line:

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

Step 2 (optional). In order for other computers on your network to view the server you have created, you must first edit the "Bind Address". Begin by opening up Terminal to edit the my.cnf file.

gksudo gedit /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Change the line

bind-address =

And change the to your IP address.

Step 3. This is where things may start to get tricky. Begin by typing the following into Terminal:

mysql -u root

Following that copy/paste this line:

mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('yourpassword');

(Make sure to change yourpassword to a password of your choice.)

Step 4. We are now going to install a program called phpMyAdmin which is an easy tool to edit your databases. Copy/paste the following line into Terminal:

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql phpmyadmin

After that is installed our next task is to get PHP to work with MySQL. To do this we will need to open a file entitled php.ini. To open it type the following:

gksudo gedit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

Now we are going to have to uncomment the following line by taking out the semicolon (winking smiley.

Change this line:


To look like this:


Now just restart Apache and you are all set!

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
The End
Quick note to anyone who encountered problems with setting up the MySQL password, please refer to this page: MysqlPasswordReset

I applaud everyone who has taken the time to read this guide. This guide is also my first ever so I would love to hear back from the public on what you guys think! Just don't be too harsh. winking smiley

If you have questions about installing any part of LAMP just drop them in the comment box and I will do my best to help you out.

by sasa@mail.org

Re: wamp in linux
Posted by: yfastud (Moderator)
Date: June 16, 2011 05:31PM

Nice guide but it's much easier and more efficiency to install Ubuntu Server than setup LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop version; then only 1 command to get GUI winking smiley

sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop

Have fun,

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Great guide! smiling smiley
Posted by: nilsnh (---.79-161-163.customer.lyse.net)
Date: June 27, 2011 06:44AM

Hi there. Stumbled upon your post by searching the web for a way to setup a LAMP server. Thanks for writing a neat guide. ^_^

Re: wamp in linux
Posted by: deepesh (14.139.56.---)
Date: February 08, 2013 02:00PM

where we have to put the website to upload it

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