JavaScript includes, file size problem ? newline problem?
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Date: July 20, 2010 09:57AM

Hi, I'm new to WAMP and Apache etc. I've installed WAMP and everything works fine. I didn't make any big changes to the WAMP config. But while running my website I got javascript errors. When I jump to the file using the error message I see an incomplete javascript file. After 70k of lines it stopped.

I changed to a different - but long - script. Same problem. The file is broken. The scripts are fine, they work on the real external server. The problem occurs only using the local WAMP configuration.

I'm Using Windows XP and the latest version of WAMP.

JS Error :
Fout: unterminated string literal
Bronbestand: [localhost]
Regel: 2365, Kolom: 2
^ the file stops here!. but the one on the server is complet.

Is there a limit of filesize for the include files?

** UPDATE july21 **
I have examined the JS file. On the server side is OK. But when used in the HTML file I got the error. I'm using Firefox with some webmaster plug-ins and I can jump to the JS error line. I see an incomplete JS files.
BUT more strange is the fact the the JS script contains two concatenated versions of the same JS file.

It's shows something like this.

function test() {
alert("Hellofunction test() {
alert("Hello world"winking smiley;

The first part is broken, followed with the same part again.
Somehow it stopped in ALERT("HELLO, then again the same script.

Maybe the server wants to sent a file of 100 bytes, but it has only 80bytes. So it fills the missing 20bytes with the same file. Is it a problem Windows vs. Wamp Unix, like \n and \r\n.

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