error with LDAP authentication
Posted by: revels (
Date: July 08, 2010 08:16PM

I'm trying to bind to an OpenLDAP server over LDAPS from a Windows 2008 R2 Server running WAMP version 2.0 (Apache 2.2.11,PHP 5.3.0,MySQL 5.1.36). I've verified network access is working from tools such as openssl s_client, telnet, ldap clients, etc. however, when trying to bind through a php script, I'm getting a TLS negotiation error in the OpenLDAP server log. Is there some config file somewhere causing wamp to try and use STARTTLS rather than SSL ?

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Re: error with LDAP authentication
Posted by: yfastud (Moderator)
Date: July 09, 2010 09:28PM

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