Connection Reset?
Posted by: Dekudude (
Date: June 13, 2010 05:35AM

Hey guys!

I've recently run into a problem with my WAMP installation, and I have no idea what might have caused it. Basically... no PHP seems to be working anymore, as I'm getting a connection reset error. Normally, I would just save everything and reinstall WAMP, but phpMyAdmin won't work either, so I can't get my databases.

I'm thinking it might be a problem with some INI files somewhere, but I'm not sure which ones, where they're located, or what I should replace them with. My best guesses are the ones in the Apache folder, or the one that the main context menu opens... or are they the same?

Does anyone have a php.ini file I can replace these with? Are there any other files I may not be thinking about that can cause the error? I'm not sure when this started to occur, but I only now realized it, and those are the two INI files I can think of that I've touched.


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