Various versions Apache & PHP - phpmyadmin won't work
Posted by: sirius60 (
Date: June 05, 2010 01:39PM


I am running Wampserver 2.0 with several different software programs - Drupal 5x, Drupal 6x, OrangeHRM and I've now added Vtiger CRM into the mix.

Everything was fine I had the sites and programs running fine with

Apache 2.2.11

PHP 5.2.11 & 5.3

Mysql 5.1.36

However Vtigercrm requires an older version of Apache (2.0.58) and PHP (5.1.6)

I managed to download them from here and install them in the directory, but the only problem now is that phpmyadmin requires PHP 5.2+

I'm a newbie at this, it is out of necessity that I'm trying to get my head round it (but to be honest I am enjoying it a bit too)

Is there a way to run all the sites/programs from the same installation of Wampserver?

I also want to ask..... how does that work on a live server, it is possible to have them all running from the same one?

All help much appreciated from a very confused newbie tongue sticking out smiley

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