Possibe problem with php 5.3.0 and ming
Posted by: phill_m (---.zone2.bethere.co.uk)
Date: October 10, 2009 11:05PM


I've recently got a new computer and have installed wamp server on it (love it :-)) but with the latest version i cant run ming on the bundled version of php 5.3.0.

I installed php 5.2.11 (well your download did it all!) and ming works fine

Im having this problem with the current wamp installer on both 64bit vista and 32 bit xp im not sure if this has anythin to do with it but there is no php_ming.dll file for php 5.3.0 although i copied it across from php 5.2.11 which did not solve the problem

Its not a major problem for me to run this ealier version of php but i thought id let you incase other people are gettin the problem or if its not just me and there is a problem wih the installer


ps i did activated the ming extension for both php versions

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