Posted by: Nolifedk (---.hgnqu1.dynamic.dsl.tele.dk)
Date: October 04, 2009 12:15PM

Hi there

Im pretty new to wamp, but everything works nice.. smiling smiley Im trying to move my phpbb3-forum to a local server. Sofar I ahev everything running smoothly, just need to import the 40mb sql-database.. Phpmyadmin wont do that and I can for some odd reason not get bigdump to load at all..

Anyone know how to import that big file otherwise?

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Re: sql-database-import
Posted by: SgtLegend (---.vic.bigpond.net.au)
Date: October 05, 2009 09:34AM

Open your php.ini file are find upload_max_filesize. Change the value to whatever you need to and restart all WAMP services.

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