Confused about correct version
Posted by: roxygreenwood (
Date: August 09, 2009 07:50PM

Hi, Im trying to install PacsOne (, but it requires php, apache, mysql. i have installed all separetly, but sat for hours without any luck at onfiguration. however, the website said that wampserver may make installation easier. great! heres the catch: the basic editon of pacsone has the following requirements:
MySQL 4.0.26 or earlier releases and only PHP 4.x . it also needs apache, and i'm not sure which version of apache is compadible with those versions of mysql and php. So which version of wamp do i need, and where can i download it? Please help me! i have to have this installed today (work...)
Thank you in advance

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Re: Confused about correct version
Posted by: toumimi (
Date: August 09, 2009 08:47PM

You can download the latest wamp release and then download addons separately from [].

Apache 2.0.63 = []
Mysql 4.0.26 = []
PHP 4.4.9 = []

Note that by using this software, you will get very old work which should not be compatible with only few hosting solution, and that you will be exposed at many security failures in each app (apache, php and also mysql) !


WampServer Patch (Screenshots)
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