Help Needed
Posted by: ashwinhell (
Date: August 09, 2009 09:52AM

Hi everyone,
I am new to this site and WAMP. I came across this site when i was searching for PHP help. I have no idea what this is and how it works and WHY THIS IS NEEDED. I have downloaded the software from this site and installed it. I need help getting started. It also has many things about server and stuff. I am confused.

To simplify things, I am a single user with no server, only 2 comps - a laptop and a desktop, and i need to created attractive websites with flash, joomla, dreamweaver and other contents.

Any help would be appreciated. Eagerly waiting.


Ashwin Chavan

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Re: Help Needed
Posted by: stevenmartin99 (
Date: August 09, 2009 11:33AM

add me to msn and ill help u

Steven Martin - []

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Re: Help Needed
Posted by: c2dan (
Date: August 09, 2009 11:36AM

WAMP installs what is known as the AMP stack, which consists of Apache (http server), PHP (interpreter), and MySQL (database server).

WAMP is used as development environment so you can develop/test your PHP applications locally on your computer, without the need to be connected to the internet or having to upload your files to your website.

Before using WAMP you should first learn the basics of PHP/MySQL. You can start by reading the free ebook from here: []

WAMP is easy to use. Everything you need is installed and setup for you. Nothing needs to be changed. Just make sure you save all your sites files in C:/wamp/www

To run your PHP scripts go to [localhost]

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