Cannot start session without errors
Posted by: fainleog (83.70.200.---)
Date: August 04, 2009 10:54PM

I am starting to lose patience with WAMP!! smiling smiley
I have uninstalled and reinstalled it five times.
I have used guides.jlbn to change the password for MYSQL and edit the file.
After the fifth attempt everything seemed fine.
When I ran phpmyadmin it asked me to login using my password and I was able to login and explore phpmyadmin.
I shut down the browser and then ran phpmyadmin again. It worked fine again.
On the fourth or fifth attempt at login, I started to get the message 'cannot start session without errors, please check errors given etc etc etc'. Now I get this message all the time. I cannot login.
Searching the forum there is one hit - but it suggests I have no session.save_path set up.
There is a save file and there are session entries in it.

I should say I am using the latest WAMP 2.0i. I AM USING IT ON WINDOWS SERVER 2008 Standard.

I have been using Chrome as my default browser.
I have just now fired up IE and browsed to localhost/phpmyadmin.
It asks for the root password and IT WORKS!!!

I go back to Chrome and it still fails.

Now I go into Chrome and CLEAR ALL BROWSING data. I then browse to phpmyadmin and IT WORKS.

So I guess there are some cookie problems in Chrome. Or ????

Maybe when I reinstalled WAMP I should have cleared the cookies in Chrome? hhmmm maybe!

Any suggestions or suggestions welcome please.

An Fainleog

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