Using WAMPserver with Drupal
Posted by: Rob Wheeler (
Date: July 31, 2009 04:18PM

I installed WAMPserver on my desktop PC with a view to using it as a development envoroment for a CMS. The CMS I am currently trying out is a distribution of Drupal by LevelTen entitled iSite Essentials (

Wampservre installed OK. and I added PHP 5.5.9-2 and MySQL 5.0.51b to the setup as these are supposed to be suitable to for iES.

I changed 'session.save_handler' from 'file' to 'user' in the php.ini file as instructed in the iES installation instructions but this caused phpmyadim to fail with an error. I changed it back and started the iES Drupal installation process but got this error... "Notice: Undefined index: status in C:\wamp\www\profiles\essentials\essentials.profile on line 78".

Has anyone suucess using Wampserver with Drupal - and in particular the iES distro?

Help much appreciated.

Rob Wheeler
Kent, UK

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Re: Using WAMPserver with Drupal
Posted by: iDread (66.158.199.---)
Date: August 11, 2009 01:24PM

Hey Rob.

I'm not familiar with your particular problem but I had trouble integrating drupal and wampserver 2.0 myself. My problem was with the php version. I'm running drupal 6.1, seems it only plays nice with php 5.2.x. Not exactly sure why but I've had no problem with my installation since I went back. Hope this helps.

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