Version update Tool !
Posted by: ercee (
Date: July 15, 2009 05:56PM


This is the first message that i added this form because i could not find any mail adres that i can send mail to project master or etc.

It is always problem to update wamp to new version. (you have to backup db, php.ini configs, apache virtual server config... etc).

There should be a wizard or a tool to backup all these user configs and after the installition of new version it should reconfigure all those user configs so there wont be any timelose for all of us. (and also when switching another version of php or apache it can ask "do u wanna use these configs or the default configs ..)

I am using wamp almost 1 year, if there is a tool or a wizard like that i will be more willing to advise people who barely understand how to confiqure php and apache and also i will be more willing to upgrade my version.

Best Regards... { this should be an advice mail winking smiley }

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