Adding PHP 5.2.9
Posted by: arrowd (
Date: March 01, 2009 10:36PM

The WAMP FAQ says that it's easy to add new releases from the home sites for Apache, MySQL and PHP. Maybe someone could list the process in more detail for us newbies.

I got PHP 5.2.9 from as there is no add-on file here at yet I got the Windows msi package. I made a new php5.2.9 directory under wamp/bin/php and started to install it there.

1. What answer do you give at the screen about Web Server Setup? It lists 12 servers as well as "Do not setup a web server". I chose the last but a lot of files weren't created. When I tried again and selected "Apache 2.2.x Module", it wanted to know where the Apache httpd conf files were. I was afraid it would mess up the existing files so I cancelled.

2. The instructions say to make php.ini and phpForApache.ini files. Does one compare the 5.2.8 wamp versions with the 5.2.9 original versions to come up with the correct contents? Are there any differences other than file locations?

3. The instructions don't say to include a wampserver.conf file for php but there's one in the 5.2.8 directory. It looks like it could just be duplicated.

4. There's a file named DO_NOT_DELETE_5.2.8.txt in the php directory. Should there be a similar one for 5.2.9?

There are probably more questions that will come up with the above answered and I try to actually use it.

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Re: Adding PHP 5.2.9
Posted by: c2dan (
Date: March 02, 2009 07:47PM

It is easy to do.

1. Download the package (NOT the .msi installer) from

2. Extract the contents of the zip to C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.2.9

3. copy wampconfig.conf and phpForApache.ini from C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.2.8 to C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.2.9

4. Start WAMP OR right click the WAMP tray icon and select refresh from the menu.

5. Left click the WAMP tray icon and go to PHP > Version > 5.2.9

6. Go to [localhost] version reported should be 5.2.9

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