GPL Violations in WampServer
Posted by: hexmode (
Date: December 31, 2007 08:39PM

Sent this to Romain Bourdon via email, but haven't received a response. It was the weekend and he may be on vacation, but I thought I would post a copy here just in case.

I'm modifying the very useful WAMPServer for our project
( and noticed that you are not
complying with the terms of the GPL for MySQL.

Even if you have not modified the MySQL binaries, the GPL requires that
any time you distribute the binaries, the source code must be included.

From []:

> The general rule is, if you distribute binaries, you must distribute
> the complete corresponding source code too. The exception for the
> case where you received a written offer for source code is quite
> limited.

From []:

> t is not enough to find some site that happens to have the
> appropriate source code today, and tell people to look there. … you
> need to make a positive arrangement with the other site

I point out the above GPL violations because I realize you may not be
aware of them. A few years ago, I had a cygwin binary on my website
without the corresponding source code thinking that anyone who wanted it
could get it from the CygWin site. Red Hat asked me to take
the binary down or provide the source code since I was violating the
GPL. The technical argument they used to make the legal point was that
I couldn't guarantee that their site would always host the code for that
version of the binary.

I would also point out that even though you have applied the GPL license
to WAMPServer, you haven't included sufficient sources to rebuild
WAMPServer from the source code. I was able to recover some of the
necessary files using a tool to extract InnoSetup archives. This really
goes against the spirit of the GPL, though.

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Re: GPL Violations in WampServer
Posted by: TwistedChaos (
Date: January 04, 2008 07:14PM

I agree with this and i feel that a complete source zip of all sources (folder setup etc) should be offered via a zip file on the sourceforge site....

basically exactly everything how it was built should be offered.....

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