pdflib versions
Posted by: his_majesty81 (203.87.153.---)
Date: December 13, 2006 10:20AM

when will pdflib 6 or 7 be part of wamp? i downloaded and installed wamp5 1.6.6, but the pdflib loaded with it is still version 5.0.3. I can't use the textflow functions, which would make it easier to create multi-line texts instead of the show_boxed function.

pls bundle version 6 or 7 as soon as possible.

Re: pdflib versions
Posted by: radalin (---.static8596176166.ttnet.net.tr)
Date: December 13, 2006 01:54PM

I'am not sure how it's done but


download the package from here. Inside one of thefolder there is a php-520 and php-503. I assume that you use wamp 1.6.6 take the libpdf_php.dll file from php-520 and then paste it in root/wamp/php/ext

Then all you have to do is to use add php extension from wamp menu. It will work.

Re: pdflib versions
Posted by: his_majesty81 (203.87.153.---)
Date: December 14, 2006 03:32AM

Thanks radalin for your reply, appreciate it.

The thing is, i already did that before posting my query. But the downloadable package is an unlicensed version so a "www.pdflib.com" demo stamp is displayed on all generated pages. it needs a license key to get rid of the stamp. i just thought that if it was bundled with wamp, there would be no demo stamp. i guess i'll just use the PDF_show_boxed function until then.

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