Sharing HDD Directory
Posted by: Shibathedog (
Date: November 28, 2006 04:07AM

well i installed WAMP the other day, and everything is working great! I set up wordpress, and a domain, and when you go to the domain, it goes right to my blog! yay! Great peice of software, good work grinning smiley

I just have one quick question, I wanted to share a folder on one of my other Hard Drives, it contains all my music, but i am also going to make a little folder in there for uploads if possible, Also, say i was to put a video file in this directory (the shared one not the upload one) and then embed it into a blog post, that would work right? Also is it possible to set up an upload page to upload files instead of having to FTP or something? I dont really know too much about PHP so this is all kinda new to me.

thanks alot grinning smiley

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