How To Direct Wamp in my PC..
Posted by: herberto (
Date: November 10, 2006 11:10AM

Hello GOod Day. im newbei here.

I would like to ask, on How To Direckmy wamp Pc in Outside World. .. I have my domain.. my domain name.. Then my domain Pointing to my PUBLIC I.P.
when i access that domain.. it points to my modem setup, not my website at c:/wamp/www/nogie

How could I Directly Connect to my wamp in my PC.?. Outside World..

thanx men


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Re: How To Direct Wamp in my PC..
Posted by: CyberSpatium (71.237.217.---)
Date: November 10, 2006 08:33PM

you need to use a dynamic dns service to manage your domain names dns for you. get a free account at are the most popular dynamic dns service on the net and they have tons of tutorials and help getting your domain to work.

here is a short and sweet to-do list

signup for account at

add your domain to your account

setup two A records to tie your ip address to your domain name (both and A A

change the nameservers for you domain name to zoneedit's name servers.

wait for you nameserver changes to propagate through the net. that process may take 24-48 hours. so dont worry, your domain will not work until it has propagate though the system.

More on propagate here:

if you have added any virtual host settings to your httpd.conf file, remove all those changes now. if you just have one domain there is no reason to use virtual host.

now find this line in your httpd.conf file:
DocumentRoot "C:/wamp/www"

change it to:
DocumentRoot "c:/wamp/www/nogie"

save the file and restart apache for the new settings to take effect.

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