FastCGI ?
Posted by: n47h4n (
Date: August 30, 2006 05:39AM

Has anyone configured FastCGI for the Wampserver WAMP package?

We are trying to run the Moodle (open source course system) with WAMP (not the Wampserver package yet), but the performance is bad on a fairly powerful Windows server.

Any other Apache+PHP+MySQl performance suggestions?

Re: FastCGI ?
Posted by: CyberSpatium (67.170.181.---)
Date: August 30, 2006 10:00AM

the upstream and downstream speeds of your server is limited by your internet connection. if you have dialup, it does not matter how powerfull your computer is, because your server speed is limited by your connection speed. Also, you uload speed is not as fast as your download speed. I have broadband with 6Mbps download but they limit my upload speed to 384Kbps . if you are running a server, the upload speed your ISP has set for you is what limits your servers speed.

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