Posted by: Liths (
Date: August 29, 2006 11:51AM

What about translating the wamp interface into spanish?

Re: Translation
Posted by: david.rj.2k (
Date: August 29, 2006 11:10PM

Open file:

On this file have the Menu full (Open Source), in this menu have by example:
WAMP5 Version 1.6.4
Created by Romain Bourdon (
Powered by Anaska []
Sources are available at SourceForge


The [AboutText] is a information of System. NO TRANSLATE THIS!!!

WAMP5 Version 1.6.4 (Espanõl)
Criado por Romain Bourdon (
Força de Anaska []
Código-Fonte em SourceForge

(This is Portuguese translation, is a example.)

------ Other Example:
Type: submenu; Caption: "Alias directories"; SubMenu: alias_dir; Glyph: 3
--- Translation
Type: submenu; Caption: "Diretório de Aliases"; SubMenu: alias_dir; Glyph: 3

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