was there security hole on wampserver 1.6.3 ?
Posted by: isural (88.229.170.---)
Date: August 15, 2006 09:50PM

Hi I have installed wampserver 1.6.3 on 05 May 2006 .

Today my computer react strange.

It closes antivirus software (antivir). When I search antivirus to search online if virus is exsist in my computer it closes explorer also. I used "netstat -a" command from command prompt and I realized that it communicates with strange ip addresses.

Was there a bug or security hole in previous version of wampserver? (1.6.3)

When I looked to process that run I realized apache is always run whather I closed or not.

So after unistalling wampserver from my computer this behaviours is not present now.


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