setup problem
Posted by: binary_dreamer (
Date: August 02, 2006 02:34PM

hi. i downloaded the wampserver and i got it installed in a machine that runs windows xp home edition. just to check if everything works ok i made a simple html page and placed it in the www directory. i could see the page from the PCs i wanted (yeah i am an apache freak). i got a problem that makes feel so dump. i cannot figure out on how to see the interface of the mysql. i mean in an ordinary mysql installation we got in a terminal a :
where is it? i am lost. i can see that there is phpmyadmin there but i cannot launch it to start the mysql to create my db. thanks in advance

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Re: setup problem
Posted by: Ambitious (
Date: August 02, 2006 02:44PM

Are your Wamp server turned on ?? You can launch both apache and mysql servers by clicking: start > programs > WampServer > start Wampserver . Then an icon will appear down in the notification area where wuo can see links for all the files you need to work with.

I hope this will solve the problem.

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Re: setup problem
Posted by: CyberSpatium (67.170.181.---)
Date: August 02, 2006 10:35PM

remove your html file you put in the www folder, then go to [localhost] and you will see the wamp page

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