Loggin problem
Posted by: Jon (---.range81-155.btcentralplus.com)
Date: July 31, 2006 02:36PM

Yeah I have used the username root and a blank password, though I did change the password so that it wasn't blank because I was worried about insecurity. I have created two new users, an 'admin' user and a 'usage' user but because I can't quit without the monitor closing complety I dont know how to change users. I thought that I would be asked for my user name as well as my password whenever I opened the Monitor but it just asks for the password (which is for the root). Have I made a mistake in installation?
Thanks for your help by the way smiling smiley

Re: Loggin problem
Posted by: yfastud (72.236.169.---)
Date: July 31, 2006 03:00PM

This is repost.
Anyway, to set password, check this post
Hope this help.

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