windows 2003 problem!
Posted by: afahmy (
Date: July 29, 2006 02:16AM

dear all,

i am so amazed by the WAMP server as its idea is so great!

WAMP worked perfectly on windows xp, however apache didn't work on windows 2003!

the tests were made on a clean install of both windows versions..

when the apache service starts on windows 2003 the cpu load goes high and the service fails to start later on.

i think that occurs as the apache version is the only one that is old ( except of 2.2 which is the newest version!)

I have tested apache 2.2 and it worked perfectly, however i prefer that it is released within WAMP inorder to avoid conflicts...

i wonder if you could release a new edition with the new apache ,, or else give me any hints..

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Re: windows 2003 problem!
Posted by: afahmy (82.201.184.---)
Date: July 30, 2006 06:33PM

ok i found a solution : ( i think it is related to the apache latest bug fix in wamp

erase all previous installations
delete wamp folder
install again but to different drive
choose www folder on different drive

all shall work..

I wish apache get upgraded soon thank you..

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Re: windows 2003 problem!
Posted by: kefan (
Date: August 04, 2006 04:54AM

I try to run IIS and WAMP5.1.6.4 in WINDOWS2003.
But my system used to be crash.
I must to reset my computer.
If I shotdown IIS or WAMP5.1.6.4 .It's OK!!
My computer is XEON 2.0G ECC-RAM:2G .
APACHE used port 80 , IIS used other port .
How can I do ?
Thank a lot..

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Re: windows 2003 problem!
Posted by: tellmewhoareu (59.145.110.---)
Date: August 07, 2006 11:10AM

port conflict for sure

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Re: windows 2003 problem!
Posted by: CyberSpatium (67.170.181.---)
Date: August 07, 2006 12:16PM

since IIS and apache are both web servers, they use the same port (80). if one server is using that port, the other server will not work because that port is being used by another process. I am not sure why you need two web servers running at the same time. I am not saying you can’t do it, but I am just wondering why. To make IIS and apache work together, need to change the port IIS listens too or the port apache listens too.I am not an big Microsoft fan, and do not like or use windows 2k or windows 2k3 so I have no idea how to change the port for IIS. but, it is easy to change the port in apache.

open your apache httpd.conf file and find:
Listen 80

change to:
Listen 8888

save the file, restart apache. now to access IIS use:
-- or --

to access apache use:
-- or --

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