Error in updating to PHP 8
Posted by: Abhijeet Bhelonde (
Date: June 23, 2023 03:50PM

I tried to update PHP of WAMP on localhost from 7.4 to 8.0.13.

It show an error...

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

Please check that the mysqli PHP extension is installed and enabled.

If you are unsure what these terms mean you should probably contact your host. If you still need help you can always visit the WordPress support forums.

Please help me in how to fix this.

Re: Error in updating to PHP 8
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: June 24, 2023 08:44AM


BEFORE switching to PHP 8, have you checked that your WordPress version and plugins support PHP 8?

Documentation Apache - Documentation PHP - Documentation MySQL - Wampserver install files & addons

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