Run older version of MYSQL ?
Posted by: ggarmento (
Date: June 20, 2006 12:20AM

I admit it... I am new to WAMP and the server scene;
but thanks to the WAMP DEV TEAM for making it [look] easy.

I moved my hosting to Network Solutions (NS) becasue they offer PHP 4.4.2 and MYSQL 4.1.18 and PhpMyAdmin 2.7.0 pl2 on the site. I am now trying to match versions numbers on my localhost to the NS hosting package.

I run WAMP 1.6.1 which has PhpMyAdmin 2.7.0 pl2 already, and
I installed the WAMP Add-on PHP 4.4.2;
-- so --
the only mismatch is MYSQL version. The WAMP install uses version
MYSQL 5.0.18-nt but the NS host uses 4.1.16.

One of my concerns is the mismatch will cause me [newbie] problems between the two versions.

Is it possible to repalce MYSQL 5 with MYSQL 4.1.18 in the WAMP environment?

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