proper installment of lastest ver
Posted by: shelleycorbin (
Date: June 17, 2006 06:06PM

hello, i am slowly and painfully trying to learn this php/mysql business. last fall i installed wamp5 version 1.4.5, now i wish to install the latest version of wamp5.
i have not put any contents in the database or made any scripts. will the uninstall safely erase everything so i install this .6 version thingy? thanks

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Re: proper installment of lastest ver
Posted by: FrankX (
Date: June 18, 2006 12:26PM


I have removed the old version and installed the new one.

The main probs I had/am having are the apache config and the time its going to take to get it back to how it was - fortunately I have saved my original config files so i can trall through them and put in the bits I want to keep from the old config to the new one.

I think the old version I had was apache1 and the newest package comes with apache2.

I've tried using the Perl Add-on too which doesn't work correctly as Apache2 sits in a folder called "Apache2" and the cgi-bin created by the Add-on is in a folder called "apache". TOTAL pain in the backside but fix-able in the configs.
At one point i ended up with Perl installed 3 times on my PC, all in different locations - I like Perl, but not THAT much! lol

Also, if you have installed any extra modules you will probaby have to install these all again.

Hope this helps!

Luv FrankX

(-> ~ ~ <-)

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