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Date: June 10, 2006 01:20AM

I am new to this, I dont know anything about it, I am using a Windows XP computer, some questions i have to ask are
Is this used to host websites?
if so what about nameservers?
and if so how do I install cPanel on it?
how do i use it?
how do i work it?
please help me, thats all i ask.

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Re: How.......
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Date: June 10, 2006 02:20AM


What about nameservers?
you do not need a domain name or DNS to use WAMP. WAMP works locally, and you can access it using your ip address or localhost


how do i use it?
WAMP was designed for local web development and testing for php and mysql.

how do I install cPanel on it?
cPanel is designed for a fully functioning web servers, not a local testing and development server like WAMP. cPanel only runs on Linux OS's, not on Windows OS's. If you have a copy of cPanel then it is an illegal copy. Do not even think about running a webhost from your home computer using WAMP. Since WAMP is designed to be for local testing and development, it has absolutely no security in place. Any 6 year old with an internet account will be able to hack your server. Also if you do, you will be limited by your internet connection speed. Even if you have cable or dsl, your upload speed is limited and is much slower then your download speed. Even with 2-3 people surfing your site will bring it down to a crawl. You obviously know jack sh*t about running, using, securing, upgrading, and configuring a web server, so don’t even try it. Just use it for what is was developed for. If you want to run a hosting business but don’t have the money to get dedicated servers, the signup for reseller hosting. You can offer hosting and make money without having to absorb the added cost of dedicated server(s), bandwidth, equipment, and more.


Also try searching ebay, there are thousands of offers for reseller hosting there.


how do i work it?
To start Apache and MySQL servers, click on the WAMP tray icon, and click on start all servers. make sure you put all your website files (html, php, css, images, etc) in your C:\wamp\www folder.

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