PHP /MySql Execution ?
Posted by: trumpet (210.187.5.---)
Date: June 08, 2006 07:57AM

I am new to PHP, i have a project - a student coursework system done in php with mysql support, the problem is my application does not go beyond the basic login page. I am willing to post the PHP code online, if someone can help me.

I have done all the default installation procedures for mysql, i get the phpadmin() info correct, also have created the database as needed by my application also correctly, Apache/MySql all load without any issue. Is there something that i have not yet done ?

What is strange is that, though the PHP codes show valid error messages (in code), they never get executed, so in reality when you enter your information and press Login, the page just refreshes and stops. it does'nt show any error...

Can anyone help ?..i can also post the code if necessary.

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