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Posted by: Tsango (
Date: June 06, 2006 03:17PM

Anyone using Dreamweaver and Wamp?

Wamp5 1.6.3 used to work ok up until yesterday but now I get the message "Page Cannot Be Found" but I do not recall doing anything to cause this.

I am using Dreamweaver as my editing tool.

Previously when you previewed a page (F12), it copied over all the files required to c:\wamp\www\ but now nothing gets coppied into that directory which I am guessing is my problem because if I copy files over manually then do an F12 to preview, it works. So it maybe a Dreamweaver problem.

Any ideas???

Testing server in Dreamweaver is set up as follows:

Server Modal : PHP MySQL
Access: Local/Network
URL Prefix: [localhost]

All services are running on Wamp

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