Apache not working
Posted by: tomfmason (---.ks.ks.cox.net)
Date: June 03, 2006 08:08AM

I made the changes just as you instructed but Apache will not turn on. Here is an example of the hpptd.config file. I copied the orginal httpd.config file just in case. Apache was working fine until I tried to add VirtualHost. The reason that I am trying to run VirtualHost is that when I type in the Url it goes to my router admin. I am using a dns service(zoneedit) and the url is routed to my Wan ip and I am wondering if the Virtual host is the right way to go about routing that to my lan ip.

# Use name-based virtual hosting.
#NameVirtualHost *:80
NameVirtualHost *:80

<VirturalHost *:80>
ServerName www.owpt.biz
ServerAlias owpt.biz
DocumentRoot C:\wamp\www\owpt

<VirturalHost *:80>
ServerName mail.owpt.biz
DocumentRoot C:\wamp\www\mail

<VirturalHost *:80>
ServerName ftp.owpt.biz
DocumentRoot C:\wamp\www\ftp
# VirtualHost example:
# Almost any Apache directive may go into a VirtualHost container.
# The first VirtualHost section is used for requests without a known
# server name.
#<VirtualHost *:80>
# ServerAdmin webmaster@dummy-host.example.com
# DocumentRoot /www/docs/dummy-host.example.com
# ServerName dummy-host.example.com
# ErrorLog logs/dummy-host.example.com-error_log
# CustomLog logs/dummy-host.example.com-access_log common

Re: Apache not working
Posted by: tomfmason (---.ks.ks.cox.net)
Date: June 03, 2006 09:39AM

I fixed the error. Thank You very much for the great software and support.

Re: Apache not working
Posted by: CyberSpatium (67.170.181.---)
Date: June 03, 2006 10:13AM

WAMP is not my software, I am just a WAMP user like yourself. It is just kind of relaxing to check in here a few times a day and help some people out.

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