Wamp server icon disappeared from taskbar
Posted by: theking2 (---.dyn.cable.fcom.ch)
Date: October 03, 2021 12:01PM

I hate to be a grave digger but I have exactly the same problem here and can confirm that killing the menu from Task Manager and reopening it did bring the taskbar icon back.

This seem to have started after I installed a PHP addon. Could the root cause be related to addons being installed?

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Re: Wamp server icon disappeared from taskbar
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: October 03, 2021 12:30PM


It is much better to open a new discussion than to come in response to a two year old message.

You say you "have the same problem" but what exactly is the problem?

Did you go to "Show hidden icons": ^ symbol in the notification area of the taskbar?

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