8080 used for the VirtualHost is not an Apache define variable
Posted by: waqaspuri (124.29.237.---)
Date: August 03, 2021 11:35AM

I'm the dummy guy and not having much knowledge of networking and managing Linux, my ISP has blocked the 80 HTTP port and mentioned changing to some other port for HTTP. I'm able to change the port in two different files, (I'm using the most latest version of WAMP)

the error I get is something after changing the port to vhost, and http.conf - > [prnt.sc]

If someone can help me undertand + steps to let this error go. because in next i will be adding port forwarding for server to access outsite the LAN. (means getting it done for remote access)

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Re: 8080 used for the VirtualHost is not an Apache define variable
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: August 03, 2021 12:20PM


Remove all your manual changes for port 8080 and then make the port change through Wampserver's built-in tools:

Right-Click Wampmanager icon -> Tools -> Use a port other than 80 -> Choose 8080 by default

All necessary changes to port 80 -> 8080 will be made automatically in all files where this needs to be done.

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