Dealing with Unisigned 64bit Integers
Posted by: swedishchef (
Date: July 27, 2021 07:21PM

Hiya to all..

I have a web app that utilises MySQL as the DB back-end. To keep it simple, it has a single table called testbigint and has only 1 field called testval and is set to BigInt(20) - Unsigned and holds the value returned from the MySQL Function uuid_short() - according to the MySQL document it generates a unsigned (see [] for details).

Anyways, with my hosting (IONOS), when I insert the value that is generated from UUID_SHORT() it returned the following value: 10331511505513676677

So using the following lines of code
$bigval = 10331511505513676677;

Now examining this value via var_dump() it has now converted the number into a float and a loss of precision will follow, for completeness - var_dump() returns 1.0331511505514E+19

According to PHP documentation, PHP is unable to handle unsigned 64bit integers, but how can $bigval be converted into a string

Also, I am using a 64bit version of WampServer

Thanks in advance

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Re: Dealing with Unisigned 64bit Integers
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: July 28, 2021 04:09PM


See Type juggling - Type Casting

See also BCMath Arbitrary Precision Mathematics

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Re: Dealing with Unisigned 64bit Integers
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: July 28, 2021 09:55PM


MAX_INT (64bit) is 9223372036854775807 and 10331511505513676677 is greater than that so its converted to something that can hold that number.

echo '10331511505513676677'.PHP_EOL;

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